General Dishes

General Dishes

Biriani Dishes


Korma Dishes


Biriani is a special combination of chicken or lamb, king prawns and baked basmati rice flavoured with cardimon, bayleaf, saffron and pure ghee. Served with vegetable sauce.


Delicately flavoured, creamy with coconut. A thick and mild curry.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biriani £7.50 Chicken or Lamb Korma £6.00
Chicken or Lamb Biriani £7.00 Chicken or Lamb Tikka Korma £7.00
Prawn Biriani £7.50 Prawn Korma £6.50
King Prawn Biriani £9.50 King Prawn Korma £9.50
Vegetable Biriani £6.00 Vegetable Korma £6.00
Chicken and Mushroom Biriani £6.50

Pathia Dishes


Madras Dishes


Sweet, sour and fairly hot dishes.


Fairly Hot

Chicken or Lamb Pathia £6.00 Chicken or Lamb Madras £6.00
Prawn Pathia £6.50 Prawn Madras £6.50
King Prawn Pathia £9.50 King Prawn Kashmiri £9.50
Vegetable Pathia £6.00 Vegetable Kashmiri £6.00

Kashmiri Dishes


Vindaloo Dishes

Delicately flavoured, creamy with coconut. A thick and mild curry with fresh fruits.


Very Hot

Chicken or Lamb Kashmiri £6.00 Chicken or Lamb Vindaloo £6.00
Prawn Kashmiri £6.50 Prawn Vindaloo £6.50
King Prawn Kashmiri £9.50 King Prawn Vindaloo £9.50
Vegetable Kashmiri £6.00 Vegetable Vindaloo £6.00

Dupiaza Dishes


Bhoona Dishes

Cooked with chopped green peppers and onions

Medium and not very saucy dishes cooked with tomatoes

Chicken or Lamp Dupiaza £6.00 Chicken or Lamb Bhoona £6.00
Prawn Dupiaza £6.50 Prawn Bhoona £6.50
King Prawn Dupiaza £9.50 King Prawn Bhoona £9.50
Vegetable Dupiaza £6.00 Vegetable Bhoona £6.00

Dansak Dishes


Rogan Josh Dishes

Sweet, sour and fairly hot cooked with lentils


A medium spicy dish cooked with lots of tomatoes and garlic in a thick sauce

Chicken or Lamb Dansak £6.00 Chicken or Lamb Rogan £6.00
Prawn Dansak £6.50 Prawn Rogan £6.50
King Prawn Dansak £9.50 King Prawn Rogan £9.50
 Vegetable Dansak £6.00 Vegetable Rogan £6.00

Balti Dishes


Sag Dishes

All Balti dishes are cooked with special home made balti spice, onions, tomatoes, green peppers and herbs



Chicken or Lamb Tikka Balti £7.00 Chicken or Lamb Tikka Sag £7.50
Chicken or Lamb Balti £6.00 Chicken or Lamb Sag £6.00
Prawn Balti £6.50 Prawn Sag £6.50
King Prawn Balti £9.50 King Prawn Sag £9.50
Vegetable Balti £6.00    
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