Chicken or Lamb Tikka (Pieces of Chicken or Lamb grilled in clay oven) £3.50
Mixed Starters Pieces of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and onion bhajee. Served with salad and mint sauce) £4.50
Tandoori Chicken (Spring Chicken on the bone marinated in yoghurt, spices, cooked in clay oven) £3.70
Sheek kebab (Minced Lamb with herbs and spices, skewered and barbecued) £3.50
Prawn Puree (Prawns fried in a spicy sauce and served with pancake type bread) £3.50
King Prawn Puree (King Prawns fried in spicy sauce and served with pancake type bread) £4.50
King Prawn Butterfly (Delicately flavoured King prawns cooked in butter and breadcrumbs) £4.50
Samosa (Meat or Vegetable) (Savoury triangle shapes filled with minced Lamb or Vegetables) £2.70
Garlic Mushroom (Fresh spiced Garlic with mushrooms in herbs and spices) £2.50
Chicken Chat (Small pieces of juicy chicken cooked in special chat mosala) £2.80
Shami Kebab £3.50
Aloo and Chana Chat (Small juicy pieces of potato and chick peas cooked with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and spiced with hot and sour sauce) £2.50
Onion Bhajee (Deep fried ball of mixed vegetable onions, gram flour and spices, served with salad and mint sauce) £3.00
Chicken Pakura (Slice of barbecued spiced chicken with breadcrumbs, fried in butter) £3.50
5 Star Hygiene Rating

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